Startup Signatories

James Birch COO Pluto

Scott Gordon Co-Founder & CEO Kard

John Beckett CEO ChannelSight

Mathis Buechi CEO Taxfix

Daniel Nathrath Founder and CEO Ada Health GmbH

Amin Fard CEO www​.prepp​.io

Conall Laverty CEO & Founder Wia

Dominique Jaurola CEO Founder Hunome (Hunomics Ltd)

Norris Koppel Founder & CEO Monese

Edward Hendrick CEO Sonru

James Read CEO Reach Active

Declan Kennedy CEO Stitcherads

Florent Artaud CEO Ekwity

Anil Dhonde CEO KokeRoo Tech BV

Mike Mahlkow Co Founder Still in stealth

Cormac ONeill CEO Webio


Jorge Pacheco CEO STATE

Brian Norton CEO Supply Finance

Nicolaus Graf von Schlieffen Managing Director Koop Services UG (h.b.)

Milan Stankovic Founder Sépage

Lasse Keldorf Jensen CEO & Co-Founder Shippion

Richard Rodger CEO Voxgig

Christophe Spoerry Founder Alpine Style

Dwight Cribb Managing Director Dwight Cribb Personalberatung GmbH

Benoit Dupont Co-founder & CEO  WeMaintain

Charlotte Greant General Manager Star​tups​.be | Scale​-Ups​.eu

Sebastian Heinz CEO / Co-Founder FOODBOOM GmbH

Nerius Jasinavicius CEO TOC sprendimai

Pieter Waller CCO/​Founder Chargetrip

Viktor Börjesson CEO ReVibe Energy

Tomas Babej Founder and CTO ProteinQure

Scott Donnelly CEO CapitalBox

Jeremy Foucray Co-Founder & CEO Zetoolbox

Jesper Bylund Designer in chief Better Each Day

Anurag Rathor Founder, CEO ZIFY

Robert Maier Founder & CEO Visual Meta GmbH

Thomas Rupp Gesellschafter Geschäftsführer ADH Deutschland GmbH

Ann Hunt CEO Chasing Returns

Ahmed Refaie Abdo CEO and Global CIO G.P.I. Global Partners Investments Limited

Virgílio Bento Founder FindsterTechnologies, S.A.

Moergeli André Innovation und Projectmangement WERKBAU AG

Jogundas Armaitis Cofounder Oxipit

Xavier Prelat Founder Kaishen

Nicolas Cognaux CTO & co-founder cPark

Stephan Hauner CEO Mindshine GmbH

Philipp Klein CEO & Founder StudyAds

Wayne Allen CEO Perfuze

Tom van der Lubbe Co-Founder Viisi N.V.

David Studer CEO Xovis

Pierre-Yves Baccou CTO View

Jakub Balada Co-founder & COO Apify

Ram Shoham CEO Accelerator Frankfurt GmbH

Martin Twellmeyer Managing Director & Founder optilyz GmbH

Antoine Coetsier CEO Exoscale

Edouard Theron Founder Nibble

Andres Casanova CEO MYGO

Guillaume Piard Founder and CEO Nalo

Fredric Rylander Co-founder & CTO Tiptapp

Brian Plackis Cheng CEO careship

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