Europe’s startups need talent to thrive. Help us make it happen.

Our open letter to Policy Makers.

European tech sector has never been stronger. From London to Lisbon, Berlin to Budapest, Paris to Prague, our region has shown itself capable of nurturing some of the world’s most dynamic, creative young companies.

Our Letter

I’m an entrepreneur. How can stock options help me recruit and retain the best talent?

Making your idea a reality demands a great team. Giving employees a stake in the business they are working for is Silicon Valley’s tried and true method for accelerating growth. But in many European countries, current policies that govern employee ownership are ineffective and often punitive.

We are asking legislators to change that, and adding your name to the letter, will go a long way in helping us achieve this goal.

However, even within the existing schemes, there is a lot you can do to make your company more attractive for the best talent.

For Entrepreneurs

I’m a policymaker. How can I help startups?

We need strong advocates who want to make Europe the best place in the world to launch and scale businesses. The benefits are clear: more jobs and economic growth, better product and services, and more investment. To achieve that, startups need to have the tools to attract and retain the best talent. Without it, they will struggle to compete.

We ask you to show your support for this initiative, and help us make the case for employee ownership to make Europe the most entrepreneurial continent.

For Policymakers

Supporting Organisations

"Driven by abundant capital, German entrepreneurs are succeeding, but their employees currently cannot share in the success. Real stock options policy reform is the key to change, and to attracting world-class talent that will drive our digital economy into the future."